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New Christmas CD !!



Christmas Presence

I love Christmas Music. I love the happy feeling I get listening to it, playing it, singing it, cooking or working to it, etc. I would imagine most people love the warmth that music adds to any occasion or celebration.

I am always amazed at how music is so deeply associated with our memories. It makes the music even more rich, interesting and sentimental. And, the holidays are a wonderful time to share music and memories.

This easy listening CD offers a nurturing, peaceful, relaxing way to warm up your holidays with the sound and feel of loving presence. Produced, mixed and mastered by Lumin White with Bio-Resonance Processing™, which enhances and supports a sense of well being, bringing music alive in a new way. 

And,  it has a final bonus vocal track with an original Christmas Carol of mine!

A great stocking stuffer- and something you can enjoy for seasons to come!


NEW and IMPROVED! Remixed & Remastered Version of Grateful Day!!!


Technology has improved so greatly in the last few years,

that the sound  of the CD is now even more amazingly clear and lush.

Tracks have been lengthened, instrumentation has been added,

and Lumin White remixed and remastered it with

Bio-Resonant Processing at Transformations, Mt. Shasta, CA.

This adds a powerful energetic resonance and experience to listening.

This CD is a wonderful tonic for nurturing, relaxation, heart opening and
the experience of peace within.

New CD- Forever Love!

After many years of anticipation,

I am happy to announce the release of my new CD-  Forever Love! 

Most of the songs on this CD came through as "musical love", as people I was close to were in some phase of death and dying. I played it for my Mother as she was sick and dying in late Dec. 2012 and early January 2013.

Through the stress and intensity of care-taking my dying Mother, my elderly Father and other family members and handling visitors, etc., I noticed how having the CD playing (even at a low volume) made a huge difference in how I personally felt!

The hospital and hospice nurses really loved the CD  and often remarked how it really relaxed and soothed them, my Mother and her visitors.

When she was at the stage where I felt words were too much, I turned the sound all the way down and just let her receive the transmission of the energy in the CD. Everyone witnessed how calm and peaceful she looked whenever it was on.

The timing of the delivery of this CD was remarkable. The FedEx Truck pulled up in front of the house with the CDs as I was getting dressed for my Mother's funeral. 

I have a close friend whose husband was transitioning at the same time my Mother was. She is an experienced nurse, energy healer and hospice volunteer. She had the CD playing for months as her husband was ill and as he was leaving his body. She said it soothed them both through all the stages of death and dying with much Grace and emotional and energetic support.

A LaHo-Chi Energy Healing student of mine, was dealing with extreme grief over the loss of her husband in early 2012. She told me listening to the CD actually helped her find the strength to get up and embrace her day and life again, when nothing else had seemed to help her.

It is my intention and desire that this CD be distributed to hospice, palliative care and grief centers worldwide~ so that patients, family members and caretakers may have the blessing of this musically prescriptive tool to uplift their fear and grief into inner strength and peace.

May my heartsongs, make your hearts sing....

Beloved Heartsong

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