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Love Christmas Presence!

Thank you Beloved for Christmas Presence! My husband and I listened to the CD together. We love, love, love this. What an amazing gift you are to the world! We will be playing this many times over and over. The piano is one of our very favorite instruments. I am so thankful for YOU and YOUR music and what is present in your loving heart!


My Favorite Holiday CD!

I have listened to Christmas Presence so many times and always feel drawn to put this CD on repeat! These songs bring me into a feeling of deep peace shortly after I press start.  The woven textures are magical song to song and they have all become favorites.  There is a special quality to the sound... this CD is unlike anything I have experienced before! Thank You Beloved !!  

Hospice Center Benefits from Using Music

Our Hospice offers Beloved’s music to patients and family members because her voice, lyrics, and instrumentals have a remarkable way of resonating with those who are experiencing loss and change. Her “Forever Love” CD both captures the deep emotions of loss and brings the listener to a place of love and hope. This music is peaceful, and it helps to set that tone for those who listen.

Marcia Vanard

Director of Counseling & Education Center
Hospice & Palliative Care of Greensboro, NC

Forever Love & Grateful Day~ Hospice Nurse Can't Wait to Get in the Car & Listen!

My car's audio player is in love with your CDs! My commute to work is short, but I can hardly wait to get in the car. I find your music enchanting and enthralling. You uplift my heart every day! I so appreciate your lovely gifts.

As a hospice nurse for over 17 years, I wish we'd had access to this lovely CD in our Transition Room. When I was case managing a Palliative Care unit in a nursing home, we reserved a room dedicated to those who were actively dying, and their families. Some called it GOD's WAITING ROOM...

Forever Love ~ Inner Peace

It was wonderful to have your music to plug into during these challenging times. Your music and your voice, truly exquisite and brought me to a place of inner peace almost immediately. I sit with the dying and think that this would be lovely to play in the background... just to receive the frequencies!. Thank You!

Forever Love ~ Your Own Private Angel

Beloved Heartsong has given us a powerful and extraordinary gift—one that uplifts and expands us into True Peace and All-Embracing Love. Her beautiful and soothing voice, heart-warming lyrics, exquisite piano talent, and divinely inspired melodies remind us of real Freedom, Peace, Joy and all that is Eternal. It is like listening to your own private Angel who sings away all your woes and cradles you in Infinite Love and Compassion.I found that listening to this CD puts one in a deep and profound state of Peace, effortlessly.

Listening to this recording would seem beneficial for just about any transition we might find ourselves in and would help during times of challenge and all stages of healing. It was a soothing balm for myself as I was relocating from one residence to another. I found that I was playing this CD repeatedly even after I was well settled and adjusted. Even my grandchildren (ages 2 to 10 years of age) loved listening to this CD and would request it again and again.

Thank you, Beloved Heartsong, for gifting humanity with your Heavenly music!


D. Rachaell Saan-Ma

Author of Scheduled To Awaken, The Truth Behind the Clouds

Forever Love ~ Blew Me Away!

I have to tell you that your CD blew me away!! Your voice is just hauntingly beautiful and the music is incredible. I went into an altered state as soon as I started listening. It is so emotionally evocative. I found myself feeling a deep longing for something I don’t even really understand consciously. Amazing…. Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible gifts. This music needs to be played for everyone preparing to transition. It will guide them, nourish their souls and extinguish any fear about the process.


Forever Love ~ Profoundly Peaceful

I listened to your cd last night, and I love it!I want to get more copies of Forever Love for friends who are going through transitions. I found the experience very moving and profoundly peaceful. Beautiful. Life changing, I think.

You have such a beautiful gift. I feel such peace and joy when I listen to these CDs.
You have the voice of an angel and a true gift from heaven through your music.

Thank you ! 

Forever Love ~ Healing Support Through the Death & Dying Process

This is a very healing and intuitive collection of songs that provides support during the different stages of death and dying. The CD opens the heart center and takes the listener to a place deep within where real healing begins. It is true that with each death of family members or friends, we process all the previous deaths we have faced in this lifetime. It is like peeling off the layers of an onion. Listening to this CD will help process current and past grief or the facing of one’s own transition.

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